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Monthly Yearly Free Custom
25 websites 25 websites 10 websites If you need custom solution please let us know.
5 servers 5 servers 2 servers
CPU, memory, bandwidth, disk usage, load average
25 SMS, email 300 SMS, email email only
2.99 USD 29.9 USD Free Sign up Contact us

Our key benefits is a free server and website monitoring service. We check your website or your service every 10 minutes. You can register an account, add your website or services like FTP or POP3 and if something goes wrong you will get an email notification. Simple, ready to use, reliable.

Free plan features list

Price $0 (totally free!)
Linux server monitoring learn more 2 servers
RDP server monitoring Yes
Website monitoring (HTTP, HTTPS) Yes
FTP server monitoring Yes
Mail server monitoring (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP) Yes
MySQL server monitoring Yes
SSH server monitoring Yes
Notifications Email
Number of websites or services Up to 10
Custom time zone Yes
Multiple email contacts Up to 10
Error detection Yes

Why you may need it

  • you have a blog, site or a server and you want to know when it's down
  • you loose money if your site is inaccessible
  • you just want to be sure everything is working
  • you want your tech staff to start solving issues as soon as they happened.

We also provide Linux server monitoring services

CPU usage monitoring, memory monitoring (including swap usage), disk space usage monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, and load average monitoring. Learn more

Who may need to monitor a website or a server


Each blogger wishes his blog to be accessible. Unfortunately, world is not ideal and sometimes an issues happen. It could be due to power outage or network problems. Of course, the bloggers want to host their site on server of reliable provider. But how you can know that it's reliable? Here is where you can start using Besides other free features it allows to get availability history to analyze uptime and an accessibility. It's free and easy to use.

Online Stores

Obviously, the customers would be able to buy a product only if the store is up. will send you a notification if there are some issues with its accessibility. So you and your tech team will be aware of a problem. Once you know there's a problem you can perform some actions to prevent the downtime in future.


Webmasters spend a lot of time trying to make their site better. And one would be upset if due to network or other issues his site goes down. To minimize downtime you could add their sites to to get a notification if something goes wrong.

Web design studios

Web design studios are intend to deliver the customer a great working site. If the site becomes inaccessible the customers could get angry. To minimize such possibility we will send you an alarm if some of your sites is offline and once again when it becomes accessible. You are free to add multiple contacts for each service.

Non-profit organizations

There are a lot of non-profit organizations which try to make world a better place. does want to make it better too. With use of our free website monitoring services you will always be able to get an outages history if some issues happen.